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  Ceasars Arena

Ultimate Goal
Your ultimate goal in this game is to be recognized by your fellow gladiators. This Ultimate Goal will not happen in a few days. You will have to work hard, fight, win, train, join alliances, create your own alliance and sometimes, you will have to do dirty jobs.

Daily Goal
On a daily basis, you want to get your gladiator stronger, you want to win daily arenas and you want to fight in duels.

Becoming #1
If number 1 is your goal, be warned that the road is a long one. We have experienced players that have been there since 2001. They will not let you have their spot. However, it is not as unfair as it sounds. Every gladiator is matched with similar strength gladiators. Your initial goal should be to go up 1 position at a time.

Ranking System
The game has a famous system that calculates how many fans players have based on a mix of daily arena wins, daily arena top 3s and total experience points. The players are also split into groups: Newbies, Apprentices, Journeymen, Adventurers, Explorers, Challengers, Killers, Masters and Legends.

Quick History Overview
March 2003:
Start of CeasarsArena.com

May 2007:
RomanArena merged into CeasarsArena.com

June 2008:
Major User Interface upgrade

June 2010:
Game acquired by GremlinsGold.com Inc.

Game Facts
Game Type:

Game Subject:
Gladiator Fighting

Game Free:
Fully Playable Free

Game Payment:
Gold Membership Available

  • 4 Non Stop Arenas
  • Bonus for small gladiators in the Alliance Challenges
  • Fan based Ranking
  • RSC Awards
  • No Reset

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