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GremlinsGold.com Inc.

Company History

Gladiator Era:
It all started spring 2001 with Eric Audet who created in his basement a quick gladiator game at which point he named "The Arena". In no time, out of word of mouth, thousands of players were playing it and requesting improvements. A few months later, RomanArena was borne. Inside a few years, RomanArena was one of the biggest browser based game on the web. Since its conception, the website has received about 2 million unique visitors.

In 2003, 3 other games were created using the same engine than RomanArena: CeasarsArena, RomanDuels and RomanQuest. We do not associate versions to our game because they are evolving continuously. Above the evolving elements and upgrades, each game went through at least one major change per year.

In 2009, the four games went through the replacement of the game engine. Same game, but a new engine based on "Ajax" technology.

GremlinsGold.com Inc. acquired those four gladiator games in June 2010.

Research and Development Era:
Throughout the years, a few projects were left on the drawing board, in Alpha stages or in Beta stages: HockeyOnlineGame, Monstersfighting, WizardsChallenge, Realmfighting, PiratesFighting, etc. GremlinsGold.com Inc. also acquired those games June 2010.

GremlinsGold.com Inc. Era:
May 2010: Incorporation of GremlinsGold.com Inc.
May 2010: Growing plan for each of the four gladiator games.
June 2010: Acquisition of four gladiator games, and all IPs of researches, alpha and beta projects.

Company Projections

GremlinsGold.com Inc. method is to keep evolving its current game. Expect much in that area.

We also continue developing new products. We will announce them as soon as we can.

Company Mission Statement
Our Goal: GremlinsGold.com Inc. is a company dedicated in providing fun and interactive games for everyone to enjoy.

The Way: By innovating, we create new unique evolving worlds where players can immerse themselves and with which they can feel they are part of them.

The Result: Our games are a pure pleasure to play, with innovative interfaces, easy to learn, complex to master and guaranteed to provide hours of enjoyment.

Company Facts
Name: GremlinsGold.com Inc.

Location: Gatineau, Canada

Established: 2010

Oldest game Acquired: 2001

Business Model
GremlinsGold.com Inc. distributes games that requires a massive number of players. For that reason, our games can be played for free. But for a Premium Membership Fee, our players get extra features that can help their progress in the game.

Our players is also our advertising team. We often have promotions that encourage them to refer friends.

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