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Main Product: Savage Arena

This game has taken a different approach to our normal gladiator games. It is a complete new game model.

Development was started December 1st, 2010.

Live Beta 1 and Agile Development since February 2nd, 2011.

As an owner of a Gladiator's House, your goal will be to become one of the most important Gladiator's House in the game. In order to achieve such an objective, you will have to support multiple gladiators by having the right infrastructure.

Your gladiators will play a big role in your house popularity. That is why you will train them and put them in competitions. Your medical assistants will be quite useful when trying to heal injuries.

Be certain that the other players will do whatever is possible to lower the importance of your House. They will challenge your gladiators in unfair fights where losing is the only possibility ... unless you are part of a good alliance that will jump into the challenge with you.

Gladiators' injuries and death is part of the game.

More screenshots soon ...

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