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  Roman Quest

Ultimate Goal
Your ultimate goal in this game is to be recognized by your fellow gladiators. This Ultimate Goal will not happen in a few days. You will have to work hard, fight, win, train, join alliances, create your own alliance and sometimes, you will have to do dirty jobs.

Daily Goal
On a daily basis, you want to get your gladiator stronger, you want to win daily arenas and you want to fight in duels.

Becoming #1
This game will allow you to become #1, but only for 1 day. The top player is reset every day! This gives the chance to everyone to feel the power! It's still not any easy road to reach.

Ranking System
The game has a famous system that calculates how many fans players have based on a mix of daily arena wins, daily arena top 3s and total experience points. The players are also split into groups: Newbies, Apprentices, Journeymen, Adventurers, Explorers, Challengers, Killers, Masters and Legends.

Quick History Overview
March 2003:
Start of RomanQuest.com

December 2007:
Players from RomanQuest redirected to CeasarsArena.com

January 2009:
Restart of the Game

June 2010:
Game acquired by GremlinsGold.com Inc.

Game Facts
Game Type:

Game Subject:
Gladiator Fighting

Game Free:
Fully Playable Free

Game Payment:
Gold Membership Available

  • Fan based Ranking
  • Special Drawing Cards
  • Top player is Reset every day

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